Hire Terms


It is vital that vehicles are brought back on time. The hire period ends at 8am. We are always happy to extend the hire if we can, but the hirer must ring before the hire ends to check if the vehicle is available. Failure to return on time may delay another customer and charges will apply.


Additional ID will be required besides the driving licence as credit cards alone are not acceptable as a form of ID. Identification showing the hirer/driver’s current name and address is required. Failure to provide an additional proof of address will either have the hire declined or a 3rd party check may be provided at an extra charge.

Hirers that are visiting from outside of the UK will need to bring additional ID with their licence if they can’t provide proof of address i.e Valid Passport, International licence, etc


When hiring for the first time we will require a photograph to be taken and stored against your customer record. This photo will be taken at our office when collecting for the first time, however, we may require updates to this photo over time. The photo is stored purely for future identification and insurance purposes and will never be passed on to any third party.


Hirers must have held a full licence for at least 12 month. On minibuses or 7.5 tonne cargos the minimum is 5 years. Please check all endorsements with our office when booking as some endorsements are not acceptable on our insurance. The New UK licence now only comes as one part (photo card licence) and needs to be checked online by either providing your National Insurance number on booking or collection OR by providing the DVLA licence code https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence


In general we do accept foreign licences, however there are circumstances where a UK (or valid EU) driving licence is required by UK law. Please see the Direct.gov website for more details on driving in the UK with a foreign licence. One other consideration we do require is that we will not be able to validate the licence if it is not readable by an English speaking member of staff – for example licences that use only non-western characters may not be accepted if they do not have data that can be easily understood. Please contact your preferred pickup branch in advance for clarification and confirmation of eligibility.


We accept drivers aged 25-70yrs with a clean licence. If you are between 21-24 or 70-76 or have certain endorsements it may still be possible to hire if arranged with the branch prior to pick up. The excess on the insurance will be increased.


The fuel gauge reading is recorded on your hire contract and we ask you to return with the same amount of fuel at the end of your hire. Sorry, no refunds on extra fuel.


We make every effort to supply the vehicle ordered, or an acceptable substitute at the time, but cannot accept liability for the consequences of our failure to do so.


The price quoted includes full and comprehensive insurance which is included in the price paid.


Visa, MasterCard or American Express (4% surcharge for Amex) for hire & deposit at time of hire less any advance payment. We do not accept PAY-AS-YOU-GO cards, Electron cards or Metro Mastercards for the returnable deposit.


We can quote for lease hires to business customers and also offer flexi-lease options to booking over 6 months. Please contact 01252 235350 for quotes and ask for Chris.


If hiring a 7.5 tonne (gross weight) vehicle for business use, the hirer is required to have an operator’s licence.


Meet & Greet at Heathrow or Gatwick. We actually meet you at the terminal, help with baggage, take you to the car and you can either take the vehicle direct from the airport OR we will bring you to the branch to take the vehicle from there. A small charge is made according to the time of day and type of collection/return.


All vehicles have full breakdown and recovery assistance and in addition we have our own 24 hour emergency number.


At most branches vehicles can be dropped off out of hours, please speak to the branch in question.


Are at no extra cost, but must complete a proposal form and produce their licence. Each driver will need to come to a branch to be added to our insurance.


Trips to Europe are easy to arrange, please call your local branch for full information. Note: We can ONLY cover vehicles that are used in the UK with our breakdown assistance. Vehicles taken abroad MUST arrange FULL 5 Star breakdown cover with either the AA, RAC or Greenflag. Cover must provide roadside assistance, recovery back to the UK and provide a suitable replacement vehicle to continue your journey. Additional rental insurance must also be added along with our permission to take the vehicle overseas. Failure to do so may cause the vehicle to be stopped, impounded, seized and additional costs added. Please call your local branch to arrange and have a quote provided.


Hirer’s are responsible for daily checks on oil, water, tyres and lights.


We are part of a group of 500+ independent rental companies across the UK. Corporate customers can find the same service throughout the UK.


Management reserve the right to adjust prices without prior notice. Prices may vary between branches. Quotations are only valid for 1 week.


Management reserve the right to change any terms and conditions without notice or not comply to the published material if certain circumstances arise. For further terms and conditions please contact your local branch.